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Welcome to I Like Vegetables! My name is Vanda Azevedo, and I’m The Organic Personal Chef and the founder of Raw and Well. I created this site to expose people to all the variety in the vegetable kingdom. There is so much out there and I like to make it delicious.

I started my personal chef service after being told by friends and family that I have a unique talent for bringing bold new flavors from around the world and making every dish taste like the best ever. I seek the freshest produce. The more I realized the best tasting produce was organic, the best tasting produce was from local growers, harvested a short time ago.

With Raw and Well, I hope to show you how easy it can be to make simple changes that will end the misconceptions about healthy eating and dieting. I will teach you how to make raw meals that are healthy for you and your family. My mission is to help you realize that you can ditch the diets and unhealthy eating patterns and start eating food that energizes, purifies and vitalizes. You will enjoy your journey. You will enjoy being healthy and feeling satisfied.

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