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Irrigation system for our raised beds

The only problem was the feeder hose which ran across a walkway that could become a safety issue. We’ll find a solution for that. Most importantly, we had to figure a way to get water to the raised beds. First we ran heavy duty hoist closer to the beds and added a quality multi-splitter.

We considered running a separate line to each bed before deciding on adding a timer to the peas and bean bed and an automatic timer for the raised beds. From the automatic feed line we buried and split at each bed with a controlled feed at each split and then a PVC valve at each row to fine tune the pressure so that all rows would get an even amount of water.



A little tweaking; lower the pressure at the raised beds closest to the source, leveling the PVC tubes to provide even distribution and a little patience. SUCCESS! Every raised bed was set on a timer that would run by itself at 4 am for an hour and a half and would saturate the bed every few days.

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