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Keeping our garden watered and happy

A regular watering schedule has been one of our biggest problems over the years. Time constraints, conflicts in scheduling and forgetfulness have led to smaller crops, weakened plants and complete crop failure. This year that problem had to be solved, the garden was larger and we had invested too much time and money to not find a solution.



We had used soaker hoses on the raspberries and we knew this would be the solution for the rest of the garden. A little internet searching, we found a relatively inexpensive solution – PVC tubing drilled with holes strategically where they would do the most good.

We found timers, valves and connectors on eBay at prices less than half what the major hardware old them at. A local discount store had quality American made garden hoses at a great price. The task of putting it all together and making it work. Careful measuring, cutting, re-measuring and drilling. Some areas of the garden would not be on the irrigation system. We added water crystals (also from eBay to improve our chances of success.




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